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Escofet has been renowned since its foundation for its innovative designs and its synergy with the leading artists and designers of every period. The quality of our company's output, a true reflection of contemporary artistic trends, has been rewarded with the 1992 National Design Prize and three ADI-FAD Golden Deltas, in 1961, 1975 and 2001.

One particularly significant honour was the first Golden Delta, now Spain's most prestigious design prize, which was given in 1961 as an honorific award for the re-release of Gaudí's hydraulic tile in relief.
Our constant effort to generate products that integrate quality, technological innovation and design excellence has also had international repercussions in the form of the 2007 Urban Landscape Award 2007 and the 2008 Australian Design Award. Escofet is reaping the fruits of its timeless products that meet the requirements of constantly evolving city spaces.
With its great store of know-how spanning almost 150 years of history, Escofet is synonymous with a commitment to providing towns and cities with expressive elements that are technologically appropriate for the present; a passion for decoding forms, for breaking away from the predictable; tireless research into new typologies, and the provision of systems with open-ended functions and a wealth of cultural, style and art categories.

Since its foundation in 1886, the story of this Barcelona-based company is inseparable from its spearheading technology and aesthetics. The revolution brought about by Escofet's hydraulic tiles for interiors, designed in our workshops by Gaudí,
culminated in a great leap forward from cement to concrete in the 1970's, one of Escofet's major success stories that marked another manufacturing milestone: reinforced vibrated cast stone. This material led to our expansion into a broad range of building areas, pavements, town planning projects, spatial organization and avant garde designs for street furniture.
November, 30, 2016
RAVAL finalist to DesignEuropa Awards 2016
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April, 22, 2016
Finalists Delta Awards 2016 of product design
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November, 30, 2015
SCOB, authors of ESCOFET 1886, has been awarded with two FX AWARDS 2015
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July, 01, 2014
GRASSHOPPER has been awarded with Public Prize for Delta Awards 2014.
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May, 01, 2013
RAVAL bike rack has been selected in Delta Awards 2013.
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October, 11, 2011
Escofet 1886, Cambra Award for Design Management 2011.
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Flyer Cambra Award for Design Management 2011.pdf
April, 12, 2011
PLAY fountain selected for Delta'11 Awards
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April, 16, 2010
TWIG shortlisted for the 2009 Delta Prizes
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April, 09, 2010
TWIG for the Australian International Design Awards 2008
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November, 01, 2007
Silver Delta Award 2007 to Naguisa by Toyo Ito
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November, 01, 2007
Boomerang selected for the Delta Awards
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September, 01, 2007
El Parc Central de Nou Barris recibe el Urban Landscape Awards 2007

November, 01, 2005
Gold Delta Award 2005 to Godot bench by díez+díez diseño
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May, 01, 1996
Gold Delta 2001 for Lungo Mare by Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue
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May, 01, 1996
Silver Delta 1993 to Carmel tree surround by Enric Pericas & Estrella Ordoñez
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December, 10, 1992
National Design Prize 1992 a Escofet 1886. Looking over yhe Escofet company's production covering more than a Century.
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May, 01, 1975
Delta Gold 1975 to Terconar paving by Jordi Ros Bofarull
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May, 01, 1961
Gold Delta Award 1961 to concrete relief paving by Gaudí
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December, 09, 1900
Gold Medal on the Universal Exposition of Barcelona 1888
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September, 28, 2017
The Big 5 Show
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September, 20, 2017
DOMUS, the Reading houses
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April, 05, 2017
Escofet 1886 to Milano Design Week 2017. Inspired in Barcelona: In & Out
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November, 02, 2015
Warszawa Projektuje
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Warsaw Design.pdf
May, 01, 2015
Construmat 2015
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April, 22, 2015
Badalona Home Design '15

Magazine BHD'15.pdf
April, 30, 2014
Grasshopper Clip by Isabel Coixet
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November, 03, 2013
Construmat Barcelona Plastic Collection 2013.
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Plastic Collection 2013.pdf
September, 17, 2013
Plastic Collection 2013
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Plastic collection 2013.pdf
February, 11, 2013
Escofet interviews their authors.
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November, 06, 2012
ESCOFET signs exclusive alliance with LANDSCAPE FORMS
Download document
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Landscape forms alliance.pdf
April, 24, 2012
Results of the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012
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April, 18, 2012
New products in Slimconcrete collection: CONICA and RIO
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April, 11, 2012
Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo
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February, 13, 2012
Escofet is sponsor of European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012
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October, 25, 2011
UTSEP Project. 125 Anniversary
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August, 04, 2011
Query to the authors. The light generation.
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"Consulta a los autores. La generación liviana".pdf
February, 23, 2011
ESCOFET 1886 celebrates its 125 anniversary
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October, 19, 2010
ESCOFET 1886 launches a new generation of Urban Elements in "Liquid stone"
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October, 06, 2010
ESCOFET in exhibition Delta Awards. 50 Years of Design. 1960-2010
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June, 17, 2010
ESCOFET 1886 participates in the show 4 City Life - Days of urban design in Warsaw, Poland.
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April, 13, 2010
New company head office in Martorell
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October, 01, 2009
Feria Construmat 2009

September, 26, 2008
5th European Biennal of Landscape Architecture
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May, 14, 2007
Stand Escofet 1886 in Construmat 2007

December, 01, 1988
Convocatoria singular de una nueva colección de mobiliario urbano por parte de reconocidos arquitectos del país
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La singularidad de una experiencia pdf
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